Re: DSM: Re: religious school = more military like?

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Average score, Mimsy, average score! :o)

Your "interpretation" reminds me of one of my favorite S-chooling stories:

 When I was teaching in Ann Arbor in the mid 1970's, the local cable channel
aired a weekly show in which the deputy superintendent for curriculum would
allow a panel of teachers to questions of him. One week, a young second
grade teacher asked, in all earnestness, "How can I get the children in my
bottom reading group out of the bottom group?" The dep-sup gave some generic
answer. It struck me, however, that the question was the wrong one. Even if
she got those kids out of the bottom group, as long as she has such groups
SOMEONE would have to be in the bottom group! Only eliminating the grouping
by "ability" would truly get the kids out of the bottom group!


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