DSM: religious school = more military like?

Sharon Stanfill (sharons@juliet.ll.mit.edu)
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 17:17:15 -0400

Hmmm..I must have missed part of this...

Joseph Moore wrote:

> Thanks!
> One more thing while we're on the topic: I've wondered how the private
> elementary and high schools, specifically the Catholic and other schools
> with religious affiliations, were brought to heel on all this state
> accreditation stuff - I would have thought (if I didn't know better) that
> they'd be more likely to reject state control and experiment a little, but,
> alas, they are if anything more military-like in their methods.

Just a note - religious schools are by not means all in the
'strict Catholic' mold. Take a good look at any of the private
Quaker schools, which, although not as liberal as democratic
schools are quite leftist.

Can anyone speak to the question of how much control various states
have over private schools? Doubtless it varies greatly. Here in
Massachussetts, I believe there is relatively little control, if any.
(With the exception of schools for 'special needs' children which must
meet some standards in regards to funding concerns.)


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