Re: DSM: offical stamps of approval

Sharon Stanfill (
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 11:40:34 -0400

PUblic school teaching versus private school teaching - at least up
here in New England, recently (and I believe in other states as well),
one has to jump through specific hoops to get a public school teaching
certificate. It's not necesssarily the case that private school teachers
take other paths - but can be simply that they never teach outside
private schools, so never go through that process, but nevertheless are
'certified' in the sense of having a teaching degree. I know of a
former teacher who worked for years in the maryland public and private
schools, but did not teach in Mass public schools in part because she
would have to go thorugh so much certification.

There are loads of prep schools certified by AISNE and/or NEASC, but there
are also a number that aren't including the most ancient Roxbury Latin
(which may be under NEASC, but is not under AISNE). I can't come up with
a detailed list just now, but there are at least a few others - many small.

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