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Scott Gray (
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 10:28:18 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Sharon Stanfill wrote:

> >From my very, very limited knowledge of it, being in the military is not
> as Scott Gray seems to assert, limited to following orders and being
> disciplined by others. I'd also dispute the assertion that anyone who

I beg you to re-read my post! I certainly did not mean to imply that. I
was dividing types of discipline into one of two broad categories:
Externally imposed, and internally imposed. I did not make ANY statement
as to where either type of discipline would come in handy, only suggesting
that the FIRST kind of discipline is equally accessible to all people, and
the second discipline is more accessible to people who have been free. I
in NO WAY meant to imply that I thought externally imposed discipline was
more important in the military! I thought it was obvious that I was
advocating self discipline, and that I feel self discipline is useful

> disciplined by others. I'd also dispute the assertion that anyone who
> is used to being responsible for his/her own life, will be abvle to
> take the initiative and do what needs doing. For all human beings, there
> can come times and circumstances when one CANNOT deal adaquately with
> what life presents you with.

A fair point. All I was suggesting, is that a person who is used to being
responsible for her/his own life may be in a slightly better position than
one who is not used to it. I do not deny that sometimes life can
overwhelm -- but would it not be less likely to overwhelm those who have
been responsible for their own lives for a longer period?

In any case, I was simply trying to explain a phenomenon that others noted
-- that SVS alumni have been known to enter into military service. Other
people found this surprising; I wasn't trying to put forward abstract
theory, but to explain why I thought their observations were not

> Sharon

I hope I've cleared up my position,

--Scott David Gray
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