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Dear Andrew,

I am interested... Could you please email me the information or fax it to me
in Australia on +61 -8 9370 6155.

Many thanks,

Adrienne Huber

Andrew Smallman wrote:

> Hey Everyone!
> I am pleased to announce that Puget Sound Community School has a job
> opening for this coming school year. Please feel free to forward
> liberally and send any questions you may have my way.
> Note, interested applicants should be instructed to contact me in order to
> receive an application packet. And hey, one of the interesting things
> about this job is much of it can be done from the employee's own home.
> Thanks for your help!
> ---Andy
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> Andrew Smallman, Director
> Puget Sound Community School -
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> PUGET SOUND COMMUNITY SCHOOL -- Job Opening Announcement
> (10 month, part-time school year position, renewable each year)
> I. Administers the Apprenticeship Program according to, and in agreement
> with, the programs goals and objectives, in support of the PSCS mission
> statement.
> - Responsible for recruiting mentors and, in partnership with the
> students and mentors, for arranging & scheduling apprenticeships
> - Responsible for maintaining regular communication between
> mentors and the school
> - Supervises and, as needed, evaluates mentors and apprenticeships
> - Makes regular apprenticeship site visits
> - Regularly queries students about their apprenticeship interests
> - Regularly attends weekly circle to discuss the apprenticeship
> program and share new opportunities
> - Keeps a compendium of apprenticeship resources/opportunities
> within the community
> - Assists with volunteer recognition
> II. Models and promotes open, honest, and effective communication among
> all constituencies.
> - Meets with staff members as needed to discuss school matters
> - Participates in community-wide events
> - Is computer/Internet literate
> III. The Apprenticeship Program Coordinator is directly supervised by the
> School Director.
> Salary, benefit package, and specific number of hours are negotiable and
> dependent on experience and enrollment. Interested candidates are
> encouraged to apply. Interviews will take place the first week of August.
> Send resume and request for further application materials to:
> Andrew Smallman, Director
> Puget Sound Community School
> PO Box 85298
> Seattle, WA 98145
> or via email:
> Puget Sound Community School Mission Statement:
> The mission of the Puget Sound Community School is to honor the uniqueness
> of students by trusting their natural abilities, respecting them as
> individuals, and providing them educational opportunities in which equal
> status is given to all pursuits. We invite the participation of all people
> regardless of race, gender, ability, or sexual orientation. PSCS is
> dedicated to being a leading example of community-involved education.
> Apprenticeship Program Description:
> The purpose of the Apprenticeship Program is to match our students with
> adults in the community who are pursuing professions or activities in
> which the students have strong interest. In such a setting, the
> apprentices develop an appreciation for the unique skills and disciplines
> employed by their mentors, are afforded the opportunity to practice and
> develop some of these skills, build a personal sense of usefulness and
> worth by helping their mentors, as well as gain the experience of sampling
> a variety of professions. The mentors, in turn, have the satisfaction of
> knowing that they have provided the students with not only unique learning
> experiences, but expert guidance that could help chart their futures.
> For more information, call 206-524.0916, email, or visit the
> school website --

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