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my life experience: left high school in 1970 to attend college full-time
after two years of high school. I never got any sort of certification
regarding high school. After a year of college, no one cared. The
college never cared that I had not completed high school. High
school diplomas dont matter as long as you have some college.
i have an MS in geochemistry now, hold a patent and run my own
consulting firm. As far as I can tell, ultimately all that mattered was
the MS. The BS was not enough. Several clients have wondered why
I did not get a PhD but settled for the patent, essentially. (not that
the patent was anything like a PhD but it was just a measure of
My son will never attend high school (we have no subury options here)
but will now take community college classes as well pursuing his own
interests. (now 14 with two community college classes at 12)

At 01:53 PM 07/12/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks , Joe! I suppose a student always has the option of getting a
>GED too. It's not actually clear to me how necessary a state sanctioned
>diploma is - except for when I applied to colleges, I don't think I've
>ever had to prove I was a high school graduate - and I don't know (not
>surprisingly) what sort of reaction one would get upon listing/presenting
>a Sudbury Valley type diploma. I imagine that the military might be a
>bit sticky about it - I seem to recall that a friend had to actually
>dig up her diploma for that. It seems to me that one could just answer
>'high school grad' on most job applications and not have a problem.
>Anyone have any info?
>Ever curious,

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