DSM: Creating Sudbury Schools in Berlin, Germany

Martin Wilke (martin.wilke@gmx.net)
Sat, 03 Jul 1999 11:58:13 +0200

Hello everybody,

my name is Martin Wilke, I'm 19 years old and from Berlin (Germany).
For about 4 1/2 year I'm actively working in Germany's only youth rights
group K.R..T.Z.. (see www.kraetzae.de). For several years I've been
searching for alternatives to the current German educational system. For
me, one tenet has always been that no one shall be forced to learn
things he's not interested in. But I didn't have any satisfying idea -
until I read some texts about Sudbury Valley School in late 1998.
So I started to model a democratic educational/school system, written
down in a 70,000 character (= 10,000 words) text "Lernen in Freiheit"
("Learning in Freedom").
Another reason why I needed to write that text is, that I'm running for
Berlin's regional parliament as independent candidate. School politics
is discussed a lot in these times, but unfortunately rather in
conservative/authoritarian ways. So I felt that one needed to do
something against it - and at best one should be able to present
progressive alternatives.
Therefore I also translated some texts into German (Scott Gray's
Introduction to SVS, Back to Basics, The Art of Doing Nothing, Fairhaven
School's FAQs). More will follow. You'll find them at
www.martinwilke.de/texte.htm .
At the moment I'm preparing a newspaper for my election's campaign. One
page will be dedicated to the mentioned alternatives to Berlin's
anti-democratic authoritarian school system.
For that purpose I would need some pictures to illustrate the articles.
One picture should show a School Meeting. And another one an "average"
learning situation - although there'll hardly be such an "average" one,
right? On one Sudbury School's webpages I saw a picture, that shows a
young boy laying under a table reading a book, things like that would be
If you have such appropriate picture, please send me as GIF, TIF, JPG or
PDF file.

That's all for today

Greeting from Berlin

Martin Wilke


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