Re: DSM: How to un/subscribe

Samuel Atwood (
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 23:47:21 -0400

I wonder why so many people are un-subscribeing? Is it something they meant
to do, and now the list is active they are remembering?

Scott Gray wrote:

> This mailing list is managed by an automated mailing list management
> program called Majordomo. is running version 1.94.
> To submit something to the list, you should simply mail it to the
> address. All persons subscribed to the
> list will receive a co (You must be a list member to post).
> To be added to the list, a user simply sends a message of the form
> . "subscribe discuss-sudbury-model" by email to
> . from the account to be subscribed
> To be removed from the list, send to the same address the command
> . "unsubscribe discuss-sudbury-model"
> . from the account to be unsubscribed
> If you need to subscribe or unsubscribe an email address that you cannot
> post from, append the email address to be added/removed at the end of the
> "un/subscribe discuss-sudbury-model" command. Then be patient and the
> address will be removed.
> You can get detailed explanations of all of these and other commands by
> asking for "help" from Majordomo.

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