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Alan Klein (
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 16:02:31 -0400

How sad it is that this is such a common paradox (ie, Parent says, "I hate
the school and my child is happy.")

How fortunate we are when parents take the time to listen to their kids
(both verbally and emotionally)!

At least the student has remained enrolled.

Alan Klein

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>Joe asked me to fill in the details on this parent-encouraged class
>request story.

> Of course we (Dad and I) had a long discussion about interest and
>motivation and empowerment and such things you all already know, but he
>stood his angry ground and announced that he was telling everyone he
>knew what a horrible school this was and that he was only letting his
>daughter come because she insisted on it and that it was the first tme
>she had been happy in years...Oh well. (BTW she's reenrolled for next
>year and growing more wonderfully confident and happy by the day.)
>Romey Pittman, Fairhaven School

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