Re: DSM: Carolina School for Interdependent Learning

Aaron Winborn (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 00:35:52 -0400

The books are recommended, not required, for people wanting to enroll.
Particularly the parents. Students should be able to figure it out
fairly quickly even without the books, since they're the ones spending
all the time there.


Samuel Atwood wrote:

> I have a quick question for this school. On your webpage it says:
> "They publish several books that we highly recommend for you to read.
> We've discussed making a book or two of theirs 'required reading.'"* I
> was wondering if this was just a joke, or if you were seriously
> thinking about it, or if was for the staff, or other stuff that I
> can't think of.
> -Sam
> Yis!
> *In reference to some of the books SVS publishes.

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