Re: DSM: Carolina School for Interdependent Learning

Samuel Atwood (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 00:01:15 -0400

I'd have to say that reading something isn't going to give a full view of the
school. I would suggest that (SVS has these and I would think other schools do)
an interview. And interview is the best way for parents and students to
understand the school. The books explain the school, but not as well as a staff
member siting the family down and answering questions about the school.
Yis! wrote:

> >I have a quick question for this school. On your webpage it says: "They
> >publish several books that we highly recommend for you to read. We've
> discussed
> >making a book or two of theirs 'required reading.'"* I was wondering if
> >this was just a joke, or if you were seriously thinking about it, or if
> >was for the staff, or other stuff that I can't think of.
> I am a CSIL wannabee... I *think* the idea of this is that people would read
> it beofre they came to get an idea of waht the school is about to decide if
> they really want to join it or not...

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