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About the middle of this year, one of our parents apparently told his
teenage student to take some kind of math class. The student approached a
Staff Mbr and requested the course; they got together once to talk about it.

My memory's a little shaky about how it fell apart, but apparently the
student did not show much motivation for making the class happen; I'm not
sure if the student didn't show up, or if she was unprepared, etc. The
Staff Member, as he/she should have, let the class fall apart.

The parent showed up at school and was extremely irate and unloaded on the
Staff Member. The Staff Member asked if they would like a conference, which
they did. At the conference, the parent said that his child had told
him/her that the child had asked for the class and the Staff Member "didn't
do anything about it" (which I guess is somewhat true). The conference was
a little less hot than the original confrontation; but I don't really
remember how the conference went specifically - I'll ask the Staff Member if
he/she wants to break anonyminity and post on this subject.

The upshot was that the parent wasn't really ever satisfied by the
conference, and the Staff Member reported the situation. My deduction is
that that parent is not the parent making the decisions about where and how
the child goes to school.

- Joe Jackson,
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>>Funny, you have just described a situation that happened at Fairhaven
>>this last winter. Except that the "complaint" was a little more
>Could you go into more detail? I am very interested in how schools handle

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