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Joe Jackson (
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 19:56:22 -0400

>Usually, if a children have parents bugging them to study something which
>aren't interested in, the children (understandably) tell their parents that
>"will do so". Then, some children half-heartedly try to set up classes.
>children may well be rebuffed by staff members who don't want to waste time
>instructing people who are clearly not interested, or the children may not
>in enough effort to actually make appointments, or the children may not put
>the effort which the staff members insist on as a condition for the
>instruction. When parents realizes that their children aren't studying the
>subject in question, and ask why, the children (again, reasonably) often
>something to the effect of "the staff member doesn't want to do it". So,
>fact, the usual form that the complaint to the school takes is "how come
>so-and-so isn't helping these children".

Funny, you have just described a situation that happened at Fairhaven School
this last winter. Except that the "complaint" was a little more emotionally

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