DSM: references on Sudbury type education models

J.D. (jd@multimedia.com.au)
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 16:08:18 +0930


I'm in Australia and have just embarked on a 1 year post-graduate Diploma
of Education. I do not intend to be a teacher in the Government system,
rather I am using this as a starting point to challenge the current
education system. I hope one day to establish a Sudbury type school here.
(By law in Australia at least one staff member at a school must have the
qualification I am studying for.)

I am very interested in any published research papers or other publications
regarding the Sudbury Valley model of schooling in particular, and other
similar forms in general. Can anyone please help me in my endeavours by
pointing me towards any such references?

Thanking you,
Jonathan Dallwitz
South Australia

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