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Sounds wonderful! Sign me up

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>Seasons Greetings!
>You are receiving this message because I thought you *might* just be
>interested in hearing more about KINDNESS. If you are upset about
>receiving another message in your inbox, please accept my apology and
>delete this one now.
>Since you've started to read this paragraph it must be true. You ARE
>interested in kindness. Well, are you interested in participating in an
>online, email-based discussion set up to promote the concept of kindness
>and increase the number of kindness acts taking place in the world?? If
>so, hooray!
>Two years ago we at the Puget Sound Community School ( a small,
>alternative school for middle & high schoolers in the Seattle area --
> created an online class on the subject of kindness.
>Since then, we have offered the class each subsequent quarter. The class
>is open to ANYONE in the world with an email address. And this quarter,
>rather than request a donation or require a course fee, we want to see how
>many people will participate if we offer the class for FREE.
>Consider it the first act of kindness for those of you who choose to join.
>How it works is like this. On Sunday or Monday each week for 11 weeks,
>the "facilitator" (moderator might be a better word) will post, via the
>class email distribution list, that week's "assignment". Participants
>will be asked to complete the assignment and report back to the rest of
>the class, via the distribution list, what they have done. The hope is
>some pretty exciting dialogue will get started as participants perform,
>write, and read about acts of kindness.
>You may be asking, how can someone "assign" a kindness act? Well, in
>truth, the assignment is more of a theme designed to keep everyone
>involved doing something similar, like "perform an act of kindness for a
>child". We've found that the theme allows us to stay more focused and
>cohesive, and helps bond the participants into a community. To be honest,
>it's pretty darn cool when it's working well.
>You may be interested but feel that it's too much to ask you to perform an
>act of kindness each week and then write about it. Okay, we have a level
>of participation for you. You can be a "lurker". Sound spooky? Not
>really. A lurker is someone who wants to receive the assignments and read
>all the great stories taking place without having to chime in. Just let
>me know that's what you want to do, okay?
>So who's ready to sign up? Great! Just respond to this message, no later
>than January 3rd please (the quarter begins January 4th), and I'll add
>your name and email address to the class roster.
>I look forward to hearing from you! And, oh, please feel free to forward
>this message on to as many people as you think might be interested. Let's
>fill the Internet with KINDNESS.
>With the warmest of regards,
> ---Andy
>Andrew Smallman, Director
>Puget Sound Community School -
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