Re: DSM: Boston Globe Homeschooling Article

Sharon Stanfill (
Tue, 8 Dec 98 09:33:02 EST

I'm so sorry that the article wasn't there. Hope you found something
interesting enough at that site to be worth the trouble of surfing
there. It was a relatively neutral, somewhat positive article, touching on
the diverse reasons for having your child home/un schooled - mentioning
John Holt, and the religious types of school-at-homes. It noted that
the number of folks doing this was rising rapidly, causing more and more
school districts to have to deal more seriously with it - it was a
different thing when you had very few folks doing it, but now there are
questions of standards and such. The final point made was that the data
on home/un schoolers in college is really sketchy because there are still
very few.

I'll try to dig up the article (now languishing beneath stacks of
Christmas ads) and post more details.


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