Re: DSM: School year/web sites

Sharon Stanfill (
Mon, 7 Dec 98 09:50:21 EST

Hope no one though I was being negative about school year - it just
occured to me that there are , periodically, attempts to change the
usual school year, in public and (more rarely) private schools, which
rarely seem to have much affect. I know in some areas, public school
systems have tried rotating around the year, so that the school buildings
are in use all year, and therefore, slightly few buildings are required.
And, periodially, folks note that the American school year is much
shorter than the Japanese and much of the European.

Anyway, one might imagine that if a different school year was really
a fundamentally good idea, from a logistical view point, it would
quickly catch on in SVSchools. Since it seems not to have, (generally)
it would seem that the current rough schedule, warty and arbitrary as
it may be, has some considerable virtue.

For those who are interested, there is a rather lenghty article on
homeschooling in yesterday's (Sunday) Boston Globe. You can probably
pull it up at

By the way, anyone have any technical suggestions on getting a
school web page to show up in various search engines?


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