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Scott David Gray (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 19:23:48 -0500

Sharon Stanfill wrote:

> A curious question - why is that Sudbury schools run on more-or-less
> the same calendar as public and private schools? The 'traditional'
> school year is a rather arbitrary thing, constructed largely around
> constraints that no longer apply. It seems curious to me that
> (as far as I can tell) most Sudbury schools keep to it.

I think there are a few factors.

1) We are still bound by the same truancy laws as the traditional
schools, and their calander takes that AND the number of average
sick/absent days into account.

2) Staff time is expensive, and staff rather like the idea of a break,
so a 9-month school has advantages over a 12-month school. If you're
going to have just as long a vacation as the public schools, there is at
least one advantage to having them on the same schedule -- it makes it
easier for friends from different schools to plan their leisure

3) In new england, it's nice to use the local school snow closings as a
guide to whether or not we have school.

> Sharon

 --Scott David Gray

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