DSM: socratic method

Sharon Stanfill (sharons@juliet.ll.mit.edu)
Thu, 22 Oct 98 09:27:36 EDT

I'd still assert that the Socratic method is not just a variant on
lecturing, but the point is not an important one. I'll note to
Joe that I didn't say it was a good,bad or indifferent method, and
in fact, I'd say that it's a method with a fairly narrow area of
effectiveness. But it is a method. So, of course, is teaching one
member of your species, cutting it up and feeding it to your students.
(fortunately a method not generally considered for humans).

An interesting use of Socratic method , in my opinion, is in law school -
it's an effective method for court arguements and I'm sure would be
lawyers quickly realize this after experiencing it.


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