Re: DSM:teachers/classes

Sharon Stanfill (
Wed, 21 Oct 98 14:08:07 EDT

The several bases for my assertion that there are times that one can only
learn by instruction are personal experience,experience of others,
my understanding of how skills are acquired, and a certain amount of what
I might call 'just common sense'. The areas in which I think is occurs
includes what you term skills.

I am not asserting that SV does not supply instruction - I am
asking how SV addresses this issue. What the traditional educational
culture would call classes is one way this is normally addressed, however
you have told me that what SV calls classes are something else, and
something which does not seem to address this issue. I also assume that
'traditional classes' in essence do not exist at SV. I have not seen
anything in such SV literature as I have found that addresses this point.

It would appear that the way SV handles this is by individual assertion -
if someone wants instruction in something, they seek out an instructor,
of which are are potentially many. (I say potentially because being
a master of skill does not necessarily make one capable of teaching it.)

And whatever happened to Socratic method? I'd certainly include that
as a category of academic learning. To me, it is neither lecture nor


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