RE: DSM: Sudbury Valley/Summerhill

Dennis Shaughnessy (
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 20:58:48 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Re: DSM: Sudbury Valley/Summerhill

>Albert's mention of Shady Hill points to one of the potential problem
>areas I see with Summerhill/SVS and similiar schools. It is certainly
>true that people (not just children) will often work hard at learning
>something that they are interested in or feel a need to learn, however,
>it's simply not true that everyone can learn everything they might
>be interested in well without excellent and often structured instruction.
>Summerhill/SVS/etc. (what's the best phrase to refer to this set?) seem
>likely to be less good at providing classes than other private schools -
>there seems to be a tendancy to regard teaching as a relatively unskilled
Who should go to a democratic school? Who should live in a democratic
country? The SVS student gets what a citizen in the U.S. gets -
freedom to act or not through a democratic structure including
elected staff and budget.

The SVS budget is like the U.S. government's - made by one power
(U.S. President and School Meeting) and approved by another
(U.S. Congress and Assembly).

Also different from Summerhill is that the Assembly is made up
of parents, as well as students and staff, who are thus
empowered as are elected community members.


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