Re: DSM: Sudbury Valley/Summerhill

Mike Sadofsky (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 18:22:49 -0400

Just to clarify, SVS is NOT a cooperatively owned partership, but rather
a 501(c)3 educational corporation, with voting rights provided to staff,
enrolled students, and the parents/guardians of those enrolled and under
legal age of majority.

Sharon Stanfill wrote:
> Thank you, Scott, for your comments. I could quibble with some points -
> (for example, I think Summerhill is a boarding school for a number of
> reasons. Orginally, I imagine that practicality played a large part.)
> but you've done a fine job of pointing out what I imagine are the
> most important points.
> It must have taken some considerable legal work to get SV to work
> as a cooperatively owned partership, without exposing it to excessive
> legal risks.
> Sharon

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