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Joe Jackson (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 08:39:06 -0400

I think in that case the Staff member(s) would have to be extra careful in
the interview. The situation you are describing normally won't come up
with younger kids, and with older kids who are dead set on enrolling, the
parent(s) that don't like the school will occasionally go along with it.

I think there might be some parents who could put their personal feelings
aside and send their kids even if they don't like the school, and that
propensity usually becomes apparent when it's time to pay tuition.

As long as the parent is not going to go to war against the model while
their child is attending, I personally would be in favor of admitting.

Joe Jackson

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> Subject: Re: DSM: Articulating the process
> Date: Sunday, October 18, 1998 4:56 PM
> >As long as the
> >parents _know_ what the school is about and think it is the best place
> >for
> >their child and therefore will not sabotage the child
> So you wouldn't take a student whose parents thought the kids was making
a big
> mistake but let them choose anyway?

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