discuss-sudbury-model The problem with trying to have a semi-democratic system in "normal" schools

Samuel Atwood (wierdo@sudval.org)
Wed, 13 May 1998 14:51:07 -0400

In my old school their was a Student Counsel set up for the middle
school (my school was Kindergarden-8th grade) and it had many problems.
I was personally on it and while I was running to become the
representative of my class I made many promises to my class. I was so
full of ideas on how to help the school my head was about to explode,
but the first meting was very disappointing. The counsel was totally
controlled by the 8th graders. And all we did was try to figure out how
to make money, almost all of which would go to the 8th graders. For the
entire year they didn't even hear my ideas.
The elections weren't held at the beginning of the year ether, the were
held in the late fall.
Another problem was when ever us 6th graders tried to talk, even when we
had ideas for making money, we were automatically shot down, but if we
looked like we weren't paying attention they would yell at us.
The last problem is that if we almost never voted on anything, and when
we did, and if I tried vote down a idea the rest of the group liked I
was, once again, yelled at.