Re: Working for love

Martin Perkins (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 21:46:36 -0400

Naomi Gold wrote:
> > Alan you will just have to live with me the way I am. Without happy
> > faces. Remembering that I am just expressing my opinions and figure you
> > all will take them in the spirit of good humor that I express them. I
> > am not trying to change anyone's opinion about anything. I am just
> > expressing my opinion. And trying to learn something. Dale
> > --
> Alan isn't the only one having to live with you the way you are. Everyone
> on this list also has to. Your opinions were not expressed in a spirit of
> good humor. And if you really were trying to learn something, you would
> not be so hostile and dismissive to critical questions and opposing views.

There was once a pot and it called the kettle black.:o)
Marty Perkins