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Judith Lilly (
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 22:00:28 -0500

Greetings Dale.
This is Judith. Life has taken on many new aspects in the last 5 months.
Glad to see you found Alfie's book especially since I said it was by John
Holt and wasn't sure if I had ever corrected that mistake. It seems to me
to a book that pumps in new blood for thinking. sounds like you are
enjoying it.

I am glad you kept my email address as I had to come off the discussion list
due to using the address for business as well as home. It is nice to hear
you are still out there feeding topics.

Now, what do you know about Challenge Education Associates and/or Phi Delta
Kappan or a Maurice Gibbons? Dr. Gibbons has written numerous publications
including a book entitled "The Walkabout Papers" (challenging students to
challenge themselves). A meaty publication.

Hope things are well with you and yours and Seattle. I have a good friend
that is interested in moving there. They visited your area last November.
Are you knowledgeable about Master Woodsmen in your area?

Well need to check on the group function outside.
Happy 4th

At 11:56 AM 7/3/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I thought some of you would be interested in a letter I just had
>published in the local newspaper. Dale
>June 20, 1997
> 12027 10th Ave. So.
> Seattle, WA 98168
> (206) 243-9129
>Letters Editor
>The News
>P.O. Box 48119
>Seattle, WA 98148
>This is a reply to David Miller's "Teachers, you deserve to give
>yourselves a big, fat A+" opinion on June 18.
>I have been reading an interesting book by Alfie Kohn titled "Punished
>by Rewards." It is a large book with hundreds of references. Alfie
>has concluded that we should be very careful about praising other
>people. I think I agree with him when he says praising and artificial
>awards tend to cause two undesirable changes in the people being
>First, you may damage someone else's spirit by interfering with their
>efforts to define themselves. It is similar to growing pole peas. One
>can easily break a vine and kill the plant by attempting to change its
>path up the strings.
>Second, the person you are praising may get "hooked" on the praising
>rather than relying on the self satisfaction resulting from doing a good
>David Miller writes articles that cause me to think about things of
>importance. I thank The News for publishing his ideas.
> Dale R. Reed
> Boulevard Park