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Fri, 20 Dec 1996 17:58:16 -0500

In a message responding to Dale, Dan wrote (in small part):

<< Nor do our children have "contests seeing who could
climb the ropes [or the tree] the farthest and fastest." >>


I am pleased and impressed with your list of items in response to Dale's
post. You said many things that needed to be said, and quite clearly. The
only point of question I have is in the one I quote above. It has been my
experience with kids of many ages, personalities, and abilities in many
settings (both democratic and non-democratic) that many of them will often
freely enter into such "contests" as a means of spicing up other activities,
figuring out their "pecking order", and challenging themselves. Are you
really saying that at no time in recent memory has any kid at SVS challenged
another to "Race you to the beech tree!" or some other such "challenge"?