Re: DSM: alternative colleges

Tigger (
Wed, 27 May 1998 10:59:18 EST

I'm about to graduate from Goddard College, a small
progressive college that is, in theory, democratic as well. My
partner attended Sudbury Valley before graduating and coming to
Goddard. I've visited Sudbury Valley and I think that part of the
reason I fell so in-love was that SV has a system that alleviates
many of the problems that I've been working so long to fix here at
Goddard. I've looked into some of the other progressive, democratic
colleges and I don't believe that any of them begin to compare to the
system at Sudbury. It was uplifting to go to SV and see that all of
the philosophies I've worked so hard on can actually work at a
school, but I don't know how one could have a college that could
compare... Accreditation (sp?) has always been a problem for us, as
well as fundraising. We have problems with
politics because we have a president and an administration that keep
true democracy from happening. In short I guess that colleges like
Goddard and some of the others mentioned are the best next step for a
Sudbury school graduate, but in all my travels I've never seen a
college so truly "free" or democratic as SV.