Re: DSM: alternative colleges

Mark Stafford & Angela Sevin (
Tue, 26 May 1998 22:21:03 -0700

Reed College in Portland, Oregon, UC Santa Cruz, Ca and Prescott College
in Arizona all have no grade options. Praesidio World College (In San
Francisco) has been in the formative process for a few years now, and
tried to open in the fall of 1997. Their philosophy is to have the
students be a part of forming the college by an experiential,
sustainable learning seminar-type approach. Mankato State University in
Minnesota (of all places!) has a graduate program in Experiential
Education which allows the student to use life experience for a great
deal of its requirements for credit. Jasper Hunt is the professor to
talk to at Mankato. The College of Integral Studies offers graduate
courses (and undergrad too, I think) that are experiential in nature
(and non-traditional in direction). Hope this helps.

Angela Sevin
(I'm currently working on the graduate degree in Experiential Ed. at
Mankato, largely fulfilled by my 2 year experience in helping to start
and being on staff at Diablo Valley School, in Concord, CA)