Re: DSM: Learning disabilities at SVS

Dale R. Reed (
Tue, 26 May 1998 05:57:30 -0700

KleinCon wrote:
> I disagree. I find nothing wrong with adults (any adults) making suggestions
> to kids, so long as it is done in an environment in which the freedom to say
> "no" is in place.

Alan, what do you mean, by the word "wrong"? I guess you mean that this
practice would not be in keeping with the contract that the parents and
a representative from the school signs when the tuition is paid to a
Sudbury Valley model school. Actually now that I think about it, who
does sign the contract for a d... school? Never thought of that before,
especially since the contract is re-written at each School Meeting. Now
that is a thought to ponder. So many potential threads and so little

When Katy and I paid our tuition at the little private school that our
boys attended many years ago Katy did a lot of crossing out and adding
with her pen to the standard printed contract. She negotiated her own
contract with the headmaster. For instance he was not to hit our boys
even though the other parents expected him to hit their children if they
misbehaved. Our contract said that he was to notify me if their were
any problems that he could not handle by more peaceful means.

He agreed to prepare them academically so they could do whatever they
wanted to do when they had graduated from his school. My boys were
becoming responsible for themselves due to Katy and my influence and we
did not require any help from school to accomplish that purpose.

Actually, if you get right down to it, the really really main thing we
wanted him to do was to keep the boys out of the truant officers evil
clutches. Homeschooling was not yet de-criminalized over 20 years ago
and there were very few private schools within driving distance to chose
from. Sometimes I wonder whether Sudbury Valley would expand or suffer
if the truancy laws were revoked in Massachusetts. If the group that I
am an active member of is successful in its
mission. But, once again that is grist for another thread.

The headmaster was a bright knowledgeable fellow and the boys did learn
plenty of useful things from him. Knowledge and skills that would have
taken a lot longer and might not ever learned at all if they had not had
the benefit of his tutelage for about six years. Our family received
our moneys worth from the little 35 student school.

I assume Alan that is what you mean when you use the word "wrong." In
our case both the school and the parents benefited and were satisfied
with the exchange of moneys and services. Dale

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