Re: DSM: Learning disabilities at SVS

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Tue, 26 May 1998 08:23:00 EDT

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<< Why wouldn't subsequent learning be the same way? The adult might make
suggestions which the child would be free to take or let go. I do
understand that there could easily be a problem with the adult not being ok
with a suggestion being let go, but if one was careful not to let that
happen, why isn't that ok? Couldn't it be like recommending a book to a's up to her whether she reads it or not? >>

I don't know whom you were quoting (when they said that it would be
inappropriate to ask a kid, "Would you like to do this?"), but I agree with
you. There is nothing wrong with asking, making suggestions, or talking about
benefits one has accrued by learning "X". A problem only arises if coercion
is in place. I like your analogy to recommending a good book.