Re: DSM: People measurers

Dale R. Reed (
Mon, 25 May 1998 12:31:02 -0700

Teresa Gallagher wrote:
> I can hardly believe that you would be against this!

Just so there is no misunderstanding Teresa:

I occupy the Sudbury Valley Discussion List's
loyal-non-believer-in-the-SVS-model eco-niche. So don't blame the
Sudbury Model supporters for anything I say. I think homeschooling(I
prefer to call it parent/child directed education) is great,
unschooling(as described by Grace Llewellyn) may be OK for some children
for some of the time but to pay big bucks to have a child spend all day
goofing off climbing trees and fishing in one little pond is too much
for this Bear of Very Little Brain and I guess not enough imagination to

I am still studying your post Teresa and may comment on it later. But
so far I think you are convincing me that I was more correct than I knew
when I shot off my off-the-cuff remark. Dale

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