Re: DSM: shooting in Oregon: public forum

Jonathan Dallwitz (
Tue, 26 May 1998 00:06:00 +1030

Hereunder I have copied a letter sent by Dr Arnold Mindell to papers in
Portland and Eugene regarding shootings in schools.

Underneath that is the details of a public forum being held on the subject
at Springfield High School, Oregon, on Tuesday 5/26.

I hope that some of you (staff, students, family) in the SVS community
nearby may be able to attend, to listen and/or be heard.

Best regards,

> Dear Editor,
>Restricting the use of guns will not solve the problem of shootings in or
out of school.
The problem is quite simple; the problem is that those who
> are upset and angry do not have an open forum to be heard. Schools and
> organizations need an open forum where everyone can share emotional
> without such a forum, the only access upset people have to being heard is
> crime.
> Dr. Arnold Mindell, Conflict Management Negotiator
> Author of
> Sitting in the Fire(Lao Tse Press)
> Leader as Martial Artist (Harper SanFrancisco)
> >From Dr. Arnold Mindell
> Office: 605 NW 22nd Ave, Portland OR 97210
> Fax and phone USA 503 796 0779

> >Dear All,
> >FYI: A forum is scheduled for Tuesday(5/26) at 7 pm at Springfield High
> >Auditorium according to the Oregonian.
> >