Re: DSM: shooting in Oregon

Jonathan Dallwitz (
Tue, 26 May 1998 00:05:31 +1030

Dear Sandy,

No, I'm not aware of kids shooting people here, especially in school
itself, which seems to be significant. Of course we have violence, anger,
frustration in schools. Today I just read about a survey carried out in one
state of Australia, (government schools) revealing 40% of those surveyed
felt depressed, were worried about the world or their own lives. Pretty

The big difference over here is we just don't have the guns in the homes...
there is now some debate sparking up in the media about gangs and the fact
they are carrying knives. There has been a few stabbings, and kids are
reporting they are carrying them for self defence. A gun is much harder to

So to sum up, while we don't have the shootings, I think we do have the
same deeper problems in our schools.

>Dear Jonathan,

>Do you have kids shooting people in Australia? This is too disturbing.
>Thanks for your response,
>"Up Over"