DSM: Re: getting the word out

bud & barb brooks (barbb100@sunet.net)
Mon, 25 May 1998 08:51:15 -0400


you said; snip-
More than once, they have printed articles on alternative education
> and homeschooling, but I have never seen them make reference to Sudbury
> Schools

When I was working on starting a school, I bought the SVS "school starter
kit." There was one folder with all the articles from newspapers and
magazines published about the school. I'll have to dig through my stuff
and see if I can find it. Seems to me Mothering may have had an article
but I might be thinking of something else. Even if they did, it's time for
another. Your suggestion is a good one.

I think an article would be most credible written by a happy former
student, a satisfied parent or perhaps a staff member at an active
successful model. I love to write but I am none of the above.