DSM: getting the word out

Rook (The.Rooks@t-online.de)
Mon, 25 May 1998 10:31:50 +0200

My question is semi-related to the subject of introducing others to the Sudbury
As a new parent, I have found a lot of information and resources in the magazine
"Mothering". For anyone not familiar with it, Mothering is a quite well
circulated magazine that promotes "natural family living". Common themes include
breatsfeading, attachment parenting, birthing methods, health issues, and
education. More than once, they have printed articles on alternative education
and homeschooling, but I have never seen them make reference to Sudbury Valley

In the most recent issue, there is an article by Ronald Koetzsch on "multiple
intelligences" and the Milton L Fuller School. A second article lists
interesting internet sites related to parenting, including several under the
headings education and homeschooling. Both the Alternative Education Resource
Organization (AERO) and the Alternative Learning Exchange (ALE) were listed as
well as many homeschooling and unschooling sites. But no SVS.

I am wondering if the magazine's editors are familiar with the Sudbury Model.
Has anyone ever seen a reference to SVS in Mothering? Have any of you talented
writers submitted an article? It would be a shame to overlook such a large
audience of parents looking for alternatives.

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