Re: DSM: Learning disabilities at SVS

Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 24 May 1998 16:02:59 -0700

Teresa Gallagher wrote:
> I don't mean to be a pain in the $@%&, but have there been any
> independent assessments about the abilities of SVS graduates?

> I'd feel more
> comfortable if I had some statistical data backing up my intuition.

It is my opinion Teresa, that people are distinct, one of a kind, not to
be categorized and measured, something very very special entities. In
other words I think we should tell all the people-measurers to go jump
in the lake. To put it as nicely as I am able.

Statistical data is for OK for measuring new cars coming off an assembly
line but not for measuring people and I for one do whatever I can to
discourage the practice.

But I do not encourage using your intuition either. I encourage people
to read the SVS(and whatever other learning models that interest them)
literature, talk to some graduates and there are lots of them now,
participate in these discussions, know their children as well as
possible and then think think think about it. And after you decide on a
course of action for your children monitor as well as you are able how
things are going. Be responsible for your own children.

And then advise everyone else to do the same. Dale

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