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sandra murphy wrote:
> I don't use the net as a news source so can't recommend a good site for you.

I use .

And many other newspapers and magazines with a presense in cyberspace.

For instance I sent the following message to a couple other discussion
lists a couple days ago. Dale

Two and two make...?
1 dead, 23 injured in shooting
05/22/98- Updated 01:12 AM ET
SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - In a rampage that has become frighteningly familiar,
a student suspended for having a gun allegedly returned Thursday and
opened fire on a crowded school cafeteria, killing a classmate and
critically wounding several others.
Two bodies believed to be those of his parents were later found in his
home just north of Springfield, a working-class town of 51,000 people
about 110 miles south of Portland.
Shots rang out about 8 a.m. in the Thurston High School cafeteria, where
up to 400 people were milling around before class. Witnesses said the
15-year-old suspect, dressed in a trench coat, ran through the cafeteria
firing his rifle from the hip. Twenty-three students were injured, 19
hit by gunfire. <snip>
MAY 21, 03:14 EDT
Britain Mulls School Bullying Rules
Associated Press Writer
LONDON (AP) -- Kelly Yeomans, a sweet-faced volunteer in a Salvation
Army band, endured three years of teen-agers’ taunts about her weight
before taking a fatal overdose of painkillers last October. She was 13.
Darren Steele, a 15-year-old choirboy with ``a heart of gold,’’ hanged
himself in March after writing a three-page note that detailed two years
of humiliations and threats by schoolmates.
Each year, at least 10 teen-agers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
commit suicide because of bullying, a term that covers a wide range of
verbal and physical abuse.
At least one of every four young people in the United Kingdom experience
some form of abuse while in school, says Kidscape, a children’s charity.
152 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TR
Registered charity 326864
Keeping Kids Safe
KIDSCAPE is the only national charity teaching children how to keep safe
before they become victims - other children’s charities try to help
children who have already been victimized. KIDSCAPE’S MESSAGE IS
We all hope that children will never suffer the torment of abuse or
bullying but we can’t take their safety for granted.
‘With KIDSCAPE’s help, our children will learn how to cope with bullying
and other childhood dangers. They are taught to trust their own feelings
and to get adult help as soon as possible. Every child should have the
chance to learn the KIDSCAPE Keep Safe Code’....Claire Rayner
[About Kidscape]
[Bullying helpline]
[Preventing Bullying - A Parents Guide]
[You Can Beat Bullying - A Guide for Young People]
[Child Abuse - Signs and Symptoms]
[Events, Training and Development]
[Books, Videos, School Programmes, Leaflets]
[Kidscape Survey of Adults Bullied at School]
[Useful Phone Numbers] <snip>

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