DSM: More Information

Kathy Magnusson (Kmagnuss@Informns.k12.mn.us)
Sun, 24 May 1998 09:09:35 -0500

I am a public school teacher that is not satsified with teaching in the
current traditional school. I highly believe in diversity in education
and I am looking for another way to help student love learning like I
love to learn. I have been reading the messages on this list serve for
several month and now want to have a few specific questions answered.
How are students that have learning diablities handled in the school?
If the student learn when and what they want to learn do all of them
learn how to read and write, just at different ages? I am really trying
to understand how the sudbury model works. I live in Minnesota and I
do not believe there are any schools like this in MN. Thanks for
answering my questions and I really enjoy the discussion on this

Kathy Magnusson