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Sun, 24 May 1998 09:01:17 -0500 (CDT)

Dear Jonathan,

My apologies for using acronyms without explanation. I dislike it when
others do that. "grtf" stand for "government-run-tax-funded" , i.e.,
public schools. Here's one for you: do you happen to know what "IMHO"
stands for? I've seen it on this list and never bothered to ask (!)

I don't use the net as a news source so can't recommend a good site for you.
You might try a search using keywords such as Oregon, School shootings,
Springfield Oregon (where the high school was), Violence in US Schools
(watch out- that would certainly generate many references, unfortunately),

Do you have kids shooting people in Australia? This is too disturbing.
Thanks for your response,


"Up Over"

At 17:33 5/24/98 +1030, you wrote:
>Sandy, thanks for sharing your family letter with us, I found it very
>moving. I was unaware of this event (I'm in Australia) until I read your
>post. (By the way, can anyone point me to a reliable and well balanced news
>source on the web so I can read more about it?) One thing: I think these
>sort of actions ARE a cry for help, AS WELL as a "desperate attempt to save
>themselves, to fight back". Thank you again,
>PS One small question, what is a "grtf school"? Please excuse my ignorance,
>new to this list.
>>Dear Discuss Sudbury Model folks,
>>I am forwarding a letter I e-mailed to my family the night of the school
>>shooting in Oregon for two reasons: First, I could not help but see that in
>>all the recent shootings by kids, the common denominator seems to be grtf
>>Sandy Murphy
>>Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 03:46:18
>>>To: murphy.fam@
>>>From: sandra murphy <>
>>>Subject: shooting in Oregon
>>>Dear Family,
>>Just to be clear, I DO NOT CONDONE FOR A MINUTE what they have done, nor is
>>it possible to overstate the pain of the victims and their families. I am
>>simply trying to share my take on the "Why". This is not a "cry for help" ,
>>it is a desperate attempt to save themselves, to fight back: they are
>>fighting to hang onto their existence in the only way they can. They have
>>been abused and debased in a hundred different ways, and feel that there is
>>no one in the world they can trust and who will help them. They feel backed
>>up against the wall with more pain coming, and NO WAY OUT.
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>>>Children are always cherished.
>>>Adults are allowed to make mistakes.
>>>It's OK to get mad, but it's not OK to STAY mad.
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