Re: DSM: shooting in Oregon

Eugene Atwood (
Sat, 23 May 1998 21:58:04 -0400

hey...i got this email via the discuss sudbury model list thingy, and i
read the letter you wrote, and i thought that it was great. I was
wondering, if you would allow me to post it on my page, with a lot of
other essays i have on my page, many of them dealing with education in
this country...

-eugene atwood

sandra murphy wrote:
> Dear Discuss Sudbury Model folks,
> I am forwarding a letter I e-mailed to my family the night of the school
> shooting in Oregon for two reasons: First, I could not help but see that in
> all the recent shootings by kids, the common denominator seems to be grtf
> schools. They didn't open fire at a party, fast food restaurant or.........

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