Re: DSM: Educational Reform

Dale R. Reed (
Thu, 21 May 1998 22:36:28 -0700

J.P. Roach wrote:
> Joe Roach here, from The New School in Newark, DE
> I don't understand all the public school bashing either. My take has always
> been democratic schools v. traditional schools -- including both public and
> private schools. <snip>

Joe, do you think any grtf school will be able to ignore all the "Goals
2000" malarkey that
is going on in every state right now? Do any of you know of any Sudbury
Model grtf school now? Got a URL so I can surf to it?

In fact I cannot even imagine a curriculumless grtf school even before
what we call The Essential Learnings here in
the State of Washington and are known by other names in all other

I sure agree with you Joe about the lack of enough choice in private
schools. That is why I am supporting in our
efforts to open up education to the free market. So everyone can buy
whatever education they want.

Now that is what I call real dů People voting with their bill folds
and purses instead of forcing one failing obsolete factory system down
almost everyone's throats. Dale

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