Re: Trusting kids

Msadofsky (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 23:45:09 EDT

Dear Shelley,

All of the above -- a family that decides to raise their child with complete
respect from early infancy finds that a sudbury school fits right in and there
is not a lot of tension involved in sending the child to such a school.

But there are a lot of families that say: that is there and this is here, and
never the twain shall meet. How they resolve their problems I don't know, but
I know that they do. Part of it must have to do with a family not, au fond,
being a democratic institution. Children, to some large extent, have to live
the lives their parents set up for them. After all, what four year old gets
to choose whether to live in the city or the country, and how to spend the
family's resources. So it is easy to see the differences, which may lessen
their impact. But I think every family that chooses to send a child to a
sudbury school is opening the door for re-examining the way they do almost