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Tue, 21 Apr 1998 16:43:37 EDT

In a message dated 98-04-21 09:15:11 EDT, Shoeless Joe wrote in reference to
Peter, who attended Summerhill:

<< I don't think you truly understand how different Summerhill and Sudbury
Schools are. >>


I read and was drawn to a Summerhillian way of doing education almost 30 years
ago. I co-started The Highland School, which, while not a Sudbury model
school (we started before we had heard of SVS), shares an incredible amount of
underlying philosophy and day-to-day practice. It is my impression that there
is much more in common between Summerhill and SVS than there is different.
Granted, Neill owned and ran the place (from the adults' point of view) and,
granted, the staff did (does?) not have the same kind of freedom at Summerhill
that SVS staff have (they had courses they were to teach, whether students
were there or not).

My impression, from reading and from talking to former Summerhil students,
however, is that their day-to-day experience was very similar to what I saw in
Highland students and observed in SVS students.

My conclusion, then, though I don't share Peter's concerns about kids being
left high, dry, and illiterate by SVS-type schools, is that Peter's
contributions and thoughts are very much on target with this list's purpose
and serve us well in furthering our discussions.

Thanks for listening,