Re: e-mail headers

Juanita Heyerman (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 15:55:26 -0500

At 1:29 PM -0500 4/21/98, Charlie Wilkinson wrote:
>*WARNING* Pedantic rant about mailing lists and header mangling lurks

Dear Charlie,
Thanks so much for your informative rant and especially the url to
the Munge page, which made me laugh (the author, though serious, has a good
sense of humor). I agree, in principal, but I *like* the 6 lists I'm on
that have "munged" Reply To headers. Sorry! (Before your e-mail I didn't
know that this was bad; I thought it was just a useful feature that a lot
of lists had.)
Also, I have one little problem: doesn't Reply to All result in the
sender getting two copies of the message (his own and the one to the list)?
The munge guy didn't speak to this at all. It's a pretty small issue, I

--Juanita (Ithaca, NY)