Re: Working for love and all that.

Dale R. Reed (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 06:12:56 -0700

Joe Jackson wrote:
> I don't think
> you truly understand how different Summerhill and Sudbury Schools are.

Joe, if you have time and the inclination, and maybe a couple others on
this Sudbury List can tell us the three most important differences
between Summerhill and the Sudbury model.

The only one that comes to my mind is I believe that Summerhill is not
entirely a day-school.

I attended a military school for a year when I was in tenth grade and
the boys that were forced to live there hated/envied us day-boys that
attended the school for only a few hours each day five days a week. We
day-boys were able to pursue our own personal interests at home why the
poor fellows that lived at the school were essentially locked up in a
prison with people(adults and children) they would not normally chose
for their companions. Dale

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