Re: Working for love and all that.

Msadofsky (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 23:44:19 EDT

The School Meeting at Sudbury Valley can make any kind of rules that it deems
fit. What it _cannot_ do is decide that things which society has called
illegal can be legal at school. So it can decide to have stricter laws that
your town/state/country, but cannot ignore the laws it lives within.

Yes, it is possible for a decision to happen which does not make life the best
it can be for everyone. Unlikely, but possible. For instance, because of
allergies and children with fears, we have never allowed loose animals at
school. In fact, the only animals we have ever had -- and that was ever so
long ago -- were carefully tended and carefully contained farm animals. So we
have always been very cautious and considerate about the comfort of the widest
variety of people we can think of. Will we always? No guarantees! We can
only try to be as wise as possible.

There are people at school who really are very allergic to smoke. It seems to
be no trouble for them to avoid it -- they only need avoid a two-room and one
tiny hall area. Probably even only one room, but I am giving a conservative
opinion. And it is a very well vented room, two exhaust fans going all the
time, with one of those machines that supposedly drops all smoke to the floor
fast; some sort of ionizer. We do our best.