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<< So, smoking doesn't exist (at SVS; many Sudbury schools do not have
because the kids decide it. It exists because the School Meeting decides it.

Could a majority at the School Meeting decide that something like smoking was
ok, even if it clearly could hurt a minority (even if it could potentially
hurt just one person with severe allergies)? Aren't there overriding rules of
not harming others that come into play? And, are there ever occasions when a
School Meeting decision would override existing government or facility-based
laws or rules, or is it a given that those must be followed?

Please understand I ask these questions with the desire of expanding my
knowledge about the school model so I can make an informed decision about the
possibility of my own children attending a Sudbury-model school. I heard your
talk in Seattle last month, and have been impressed by the Clearwater School's
staff that I have met and talked to, and their clarity and responsiveness in
answering questions in a positive, open, and respectful way.