Re: Working for love and all that.

Msadofsky (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 23:46:12 EDT

I think one of the problems around this discussion is that the word "list"
sometimes refers to this list and sometimes refers to some other list which
relates more closely to Summerhill. I feel awash in a morass of comments that
sometimes seem to refer to Sudbury schools and often don't.

Do Sudbury schools (or any one of them) have a bill of rights for kids,
Theresa asked. Well, no, at least SVS doesn't seem to need one. What for?
Kids don't need any more rights than adults in such schools, and all of us are
equally protected by the very Bill of Rights that is attached to the U.S.
Constitution. Seems to work just fine at Sudbury Valley. One need only try
to abridge someone's freedom of speech or try to get them to incriminate
themselves to notice how very, very well they do work. I will repeat what I
tried (but failed) to say on this list last week: the kids don't run the
school; the kids don't make the rules; the kids don't hire and fire staff; the
kids don't make the budget. The students and the staff do all of this stuff,
and we reserve the right, as staff as well as students, to be as convincing as
we can, and to model the best debating and the best problem solving that we
can. We never have to make an excuse for a decision of the School Meeting.
Decisions are made by excellent minds working their hardest, every time,
whatever the age of the heads those minds are in.

So, smoking doesn't exist (at SVS; many Sudbury schools do not have smoking)
because the kids decide it. It exists because the School Meeting decides it.