Re: hearing from ex-students

Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 06:08:36 -0700

Maria Elena Thomas wrote:
> I, like Adam, would like to hear from former students. How
> can we get them on the discussion group? I'd like to hear
> how they feel about their schooling, looking back. How well
> do they feel prepared for life as an adult? What things
> would they change, add, delete, from this kind of education?
> What is their advise to other students in sudbury schools?
> Maria Elena Thomas

Sudbury Valley is on line now. I expect that there are tens of students
at Sudbury Valley model schools all over the world plugged into these
discussions at this very moment.

Maybe a few of you students would be willing to tell us how you like
your school and answer some of Maria's questions. Dale

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